New Dad’s Guide Merch On Sale!

To kick off the launch of the Dad’s Guide new online hub, I thought it might be cool to have some inaugural merchandise to go along with it. The “Crafty Dad” sturdy tee is the perfect simple design for that Dad that plays Minecraft, but doesn’t want to stand out in the crowd.

And who doesn’t like coffee or tea? Check out my original design for a new Brewing Stand concoction, the “Potion of Wakefulness.” Okay, it’s just a mug to put your favorite brown liquid in, but you get the idea.

Head on over to my massive… two… product… showcase at TeeSpring and order one, or both, today.

Crafty Dad Classic Tee Denim Blue T-Shirt Front
Do you enjoy punching a tree first thing in the morning? Do you know the difference between a hopper and a dropper clock? Have you ever ridden on the back of a pig? Then you my friend are a Crafty Dad.
Potion Of Wakefulness Mug Black T-Shirt Back
Head over to that Brewing Stand of yours and conjure up a mug or two of that brown elixir of life, Potion of Wakefulness… also called coffee or tea…
Dads only play in one game mode, and that’s Hardcore! Wear it loud and wear it proud.